Following these dental care tips will help you improve your oral hygiene and boost your smile. Ensure you brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Drink milk, avoid sugary foods and drinks and use fluoride toothpaste. Visit the dentist twice a year to keep your teeth and gums in good condition. You’ll be proud of your healthy smile. Just remember: there’s no substitute for a good routine and good habits. Read on to get your hand on more tips and learn in detail:

Brushing twice a day

According to research, three out of four adults do not brush their teeth properly. Brushing at least twice a day can greatly impact overall health, and many dentists recommend it. By brushing your teeth twice daily, you can prevent plaque and tartar build-up, linked to cavities and gum disease. Brushing also helps prevent the build-up of bacteria, which may lead to various dental problems.


Avoid snacking on sugary food to avoid damage to your teeth. Many sugary foods are acidic and can cause cavities. Brushing immediately after consuming such foods can remove some of the enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable to decay.

Drink water throughout the day. Wait for 30 to 60 minutes before brushing. Brushing right away after drinking soda can damage enamel. If you cannot brush your teeth for more than two minutes after consuming it, wait half an hour before doing so.

Using fluoride toothpaste

Using fluoride toothpaste in your daily oral hygiene routine is a proven way to reduce the risk of tooth decay. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research recommends brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice daily. Children between the ages of three and six should brush with a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. If you have children who are still growing, you should use toothpaste with the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Cleaning between teeth

Interdental cleaning involves using special brushes to reach the areas between the teeth. It is an important part of your dental care routine to avoid cavities, and bacteria that cause tooth decay tend to stick in these areas.

Brushing only removes about 50 percent of plaque from the surface of teeth. Brushing alone is not enough to remove plaque and tartar that can cause cavities. You should floss regularly. If you don’t floss, use an interdental brush or toothpicks to clean the spaces between the teeth. Toothpicks and oral irrigators can also help you with this task.

Drinking milk

Drinking milk is a fantastic way to increase your oral hygiene routine. Milk contains casein proteins which form a protective film on the teeth. Milk also contains calcium and phosphorus, two essential elements for the repair of tooth enamel.

Both of these minerals neutralize acidic foods. In addition to its antibacterial properties, milk also stimulates saliva production, which helps clean harmful bacteria. Milk can also help strengthen bones and protect them from several dental diseases. Especially for children, milk can provide a calming ritual.

Using crunchy foods

Using crunchy foods in your dental care routine is an effective way to promote salivary flow. Crunchy foods are excellent tooth cleaners, and they contain high amounts of water. Crunchy fruits and vegetables are also a great source of calcium. The calcium in these foods helps strengthen tooth enamel, and chewing on them will also neutralize bacteria that cause cavities.

Crunchy vegetables and fruits, such as celery and carrots, act like a toothbrush by cleaning plaque and removing food particles. While eating crunchy foods can help you maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine, you should also limit your intake of dark and acidic beverages. Dark beverages, such as coffee can cause teeth to become stained.

dental care products

Using dental care products

There are several types of dental care products available in the market. Depending on your specific needs, you can select one that will effectively remove plaque and food debris and freshen your breath. You don’t have to invest in the latest tools to improve your oral hygiene, but you may want to consider an electric toothbrush or water flosser. The products should be free of ingredients that could harm your health.

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